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Hispanic Studies Full Directory

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Student Teaching Assistant
Second Language Acquisition , Sociology/Criminology , Latin America , Political Economy and Globalization in Latin America
1106 Patterson Office Tower (POT)
POT 1118
PhD Candidate
Spanish Instructor
Assistant Director, Kentucky Foreign Language Conference
Spanish Applied Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Phonetics and Phonology, Colonial and Contemporary Spanish American Literature
1122 Patterson Office Tower
Assistant Professor
Director of Elementary Language Instruction
Latinx populations in the U.S., Instructional Technology, Service-learning, Second Language Acquisition, Language in Kentucky, 19th-21st century Latin American Latinx and US culture
1137 Patterson Office Tower
Professor of Spanish Applied Linguistics
Director of Graduate Studies
Spanish Applied Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, L2 Pedagogy and Assessment
1127 Patterson Office Tower
Latin America, Disability Studies, Madness, Women and Gender Studies, Critical Social Theory
1106 Patterson Office Tower
Assistant Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Coordinator of Translation Studies
20th Century Peninsular Theatre, Gender Performance, Feminist Theatre, translation studies
1161 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies
Early Modern and Colonial Studies, Spanish Golden Age Theater, Cervantes Studies
1163 Patterson Office Tower
Professor Emerita
Spanish Language, Literature & Culture, Contemporary Poetry, Spanish Peninsular Theater, Golden Age Poetry and Drama, Phonetics
1121 Patterson Office Tower
Ph. D. Candidate (ABD) & Spanish Instructor
Research Assistant at UK College of Nursing
Sociolinguistics, Multimodal Discourse, Religion and Political Discourse, Demagoguery and Populism, Political Rhetoric
1122 Patterson Office Tower
Ph.D. Candidate (ABD)
Spanish Instructor
Early Modern Literature, Spanish Civil War and Historical Memory
1118 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies and History
Chair of Hispanic Studies
Marie Rich Endowed Professor
Indigenous peoples and religion, Race, Coloniality, Visual studies, Women's writings, Gender and ethnic identity, Cultural studies, Catholic studies
1105 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-7091
second language acquisition, Translation and Interpretation Studies, Second Language Acquisition Sociolinguistics First and Second Language Variation Applied Linguistics, Spanish Language, Literature & Culture, Computer-assisted Language Learning
1102 Patterson Office Tower
Transatlantic Studies, Coloniality, Hispanic Heritage and Critical Preservation, Urban Studies, History of Education, Inclusive Pedagogies
1141 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-4640
Spanish as a Heritage Language, Linguistic Antropology/Sociolinguistics, Discurse analysis
1149 Patterson Office Tower
No photograph available for hsag223
PhD Student
second language acquisition
1118 Patterson Office Tower
0264151302, 8596931024
Teaching Assistant
POT 1122
Post-Doctoral Scholar and the Coordinator of Elementary Language Instruction
1131 Patterson Office Tower
Teaching Assistant
Sociolinguistics, Language Contact, Latin America, Computational Methods, Geospatial Data Science
1622 Patterson Office Tower
Student Teaching Assistant
1102 Patterson Office Tower
Hispanic Studies & Political Science Librarian
2-5 Young Library
Associate Professor
Latin American Cultural History, Argentine film, 20th and 21st-Century Latin American literature, Spanish experimental film, Women Filmmakers, Brazilian film,
1133 Patterson Office Tower
1102 Patterson Office Tower
Graduate Student
1106 Patterson Office Tower
Senior Lecturer of Spanish
Faculty Adviser for Sigma Delta Pi Honor Society
Faculty Adviser for Phi Sigma Iota International Foreign Language Honor Society
SPA 310 Coordinator
Afro-Hispanic Literature, Latin American Theater, Identity and Race Relations in Latin America, Latin American Culture and Civilization, Spanish Caribbean History
#1139 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-7097
Second Language Acquisition Sociolinguistics First and Second Language Variation Applied Linguistics
1102 Patterson Office Tower
subaltern studies, Hybridity and Mestizo Studies, Border Studies;, borderland cultures, Latin American Cinema
Professor of Hispanic Studies
Contemporary Spanish Peninsular Cultural Studies
1125 Patterson Office Tower
Professor of Spanish
Sociolinguistics, Discourse Analysis, Oral Traditions
1123 Patterson Office Tower
Teaching Assistant
Contemporary Spanish Peninsular Cultural Studies, Second Language Acquisition
1122 Patterson Office Tower
Associate Professor of Latin American Culture
19th-21st century Latin American Latinx and US culture, film and media studies, cultural and critical theory, affect studies and theory, biopolitics and power, neoliberalism, ecocriticism and sustainability studies, Latin American post/coloniality, postcolonial studies and theory, gender women's sexuality studies
1135 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-1569
Professor of Spanish Literature & Culture
William T. Bryan Endowed Chair
Arts & Sciences Distinguished Professor
Modern and Contemporary Spanish Studies, Short Fiction, Writing the Self, Transnational Topics, Gender Studies and Women's Writing, Writing War, Colonial/Neocolonial Studies (Spain & Morocco), Interdisciplinary Studies, Critical Theory and Intellectual History
1153 Patterson Office Tower
(859)-257-1565, (859)-257-7095
20th and 21st Century Latin American literature, Poetry written by women, Women and Gender Studies, Critical Social Theory, Colonialism
1106 Patterson Office Tower
Graduate Student
Teaching Assistant
Contemporary Peninsular Studies , Latin American Studies
1106 Patterson Office Tower
Professor of Spanish Linguistics
Co-Director of ALGR (Atlas Lingüístico Guaraní-Románico)
Professor at Middlebury Language School Summer 2010
Professor at Middlebury Language School (Buenos Aires) Summer 2012-today
Invited scholar at National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece (March 2017)
Invited scholar at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany
Executive Director of KFLC
Hispanic Linguistics, Spanish and Portuguese in South America (Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil), Judaeo-Spanish, Language Contact, Eurovision Song Contest and Language Use
1129 Patterson Office Tower
Graduate Student- Teaching Assistant
1118 Patterson Office Tower
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