Yakumama (And Other Mystical Beings) Poetry Recital

Working Group on War and Gender Symposium

Working Group on War and Gender Symposium

Seminar Series: "Notes on the Language of the Cambodia Chinese Diaspora"

Seminar Series: "The question of oralism and the experiences of deaf children, 1880–1914"

MALTT Graduate Student Conference

Seminar Series: Undergraduate Research Showcase

Seminar Series: "A Preliminary Investigation of Overlapping Talk in Peer Interaction: Implications for CA-for-SLA Research"

Seminar Series: "Fue muerto: Suppletion in Spanish Analytic Passives"

Seminar Series: "Trails and Tribulations: Chatino conceptions of the dead"

Recipes for Spanishness: Cookbooks and Culinary Cultures in Modernizing Spain

Zembrod Award for Study Abroad - Applications Due November 2nd!

Ricardo Pau-Llosa: A Bilingual Recital

New Perspectives on Spanish Conquest and Empire: From the Sixteenth to the Twenty-first Centuries."

Symposium: “The Intersections of Violence in Latin America”

"LingoFest" - free hands-on activity day introducing linguistics to primary and secondary school students.

Compressed Course: "Mapping Variation: An Introduction to the Use of Geospatial Tools for Linguistic Analysis" (A&S 500-003)

Cinema, Slavery, and Brazilian Nationalism

Public Lecture: "The role of perception in the 'creation' of dialect areas"

Cloistered Women's Voices Symposium and Concert

Dissertation Defense of Gonzalo Hernández Baptista

Dissertation Defense of Brian Cole

Kick-off Celebration

Seminar Series: "Proximity, boundaries, and cultural prominence: The perception of dialects in Great Britain"

Public Lecture: "The Basque Language and People – intriguing origins, complex context"

Public Lecture: "The Romani People and Their European Context"

Public Lecture: "Celtic Languages in Historical and Contemporary Perspective"

Seminar Series: "The syntactic and postsyntatic derivation of agreement: Basque and beyond"

Seminar Series: "An Overview of the Structure of Romani"

Seminar Series: "Convergent evolution in French-Breton and Welsh-English language contact"

Year of Europe Kickoff

Coffee Quality and Qualities: Closing the Gender Asset Gap in Oaxaca, Mexico

Seminar Series: "Multiple Language, Cultural, and Ethnic Self-Identities of the German Lutheran Population in 'Russian Poland' in the 19th and Early 20th Centuries"

Voices That Cannot Be Drowned: Senior Voice Recital of Austin Norrid

"It’s not just a drawl, y’all: Fact vs. fiction in Kentucky speech" (student documentary film on Kentucky English)

International Studies Day

Handbook for Preliminary Dissertation Fieldwork: A Practical Guide for the International Student Researcher

Race and the Chilean Miracle: Neoliberalism, Democracy and Indigenous Rights in Chile

Seminar Series: Undergraduate Research Presentation

Seminar Series: Absolutive Fabulous: Surprisingly Sensitive Sanskrit Suffixes

Discourses, Discontinuities, and the Urban Episteme: The City in Latin American Cultural Thought

Increasing Student Engagement through Effective Visual Slide Design

The Other Side of the Page: Editorship as a Career Option

Cuba-U.S. Relations: A Panel Discussion

***EVENT CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER***6th Annual Appalachian Research Community Symposium and Arts Showcase

Mothers as Activists: Power, Protests, and the Media in Mexico

Third Wave Coffee, Maya Farmers, and the Anthropology of Wellbeing

Third Wave Coffee, Maya Farmers, and the Anthropology of Wellbeing

Panel Discussion: The Promise and Perils of Populism - Global Perspectives

Public Lecture: "From Arab nationalism to New Media"

Public Lecture: "Hittites, Greeks, and Others: Interaction between Ancient Anatolia, Greece, and the Levant"

Seminar Series: "Speak-English-Only Rules in the Workplace: Language Ideologies, Research, and Lived Experience"

The State of The Right in Europe and Latin America

Seminar Series: "Hittite 'Hyperbaton': the Syntax-Phonology Interface"

Seminar Series: "Ancient vestiges or recent innovations: evidence from click words with a shared occurrence in Khoesan and Bantu languages of southern Africa"

Seminar Series: "Variation in young women's perceptions of dialect differences in the Arab World"

Tikal: Paleoecology of an Ancient Maya City

(Re)Producing Citizenship through (Health)Care: Latina Immigrants’ Experiences of Reproductive Healthcare in Atlanta, GA

Melissa Wright (Penn State University)

Mayan Hip Hop Concert: Tz'utu Baktun Kan

Achilles & the Argonauts: CLA 525/625 Research Workshop

A&S Distinguished Professor Lecture

Blurred Lines: Buddhism in the Chinese Borderlands

The Odyssey -- A Performance by Joe Goodkin

"Perverse Subjects: Becoming Bodies of Literature in the Library"

Long Time Ago... A Performance by Crit Callebs Eastern Band Cherokee Storyteller

VIII International Conference on Micro-Fiction

The Politics of Memory

The State of Democracy in Latin America

“The Lebanese Community of Mexico and the Development of Mexican Film"

Vote, Pray, Write: (Researching) Women and Religious Politics in India

"Masks of Mexico: Reflecting the Past, Portraying the Future"

Kentucky Festival de Cine Estudantil

Dissertation Defense of Sarah Finley

Dissertation Defense of Whitaker Jordan

Vowels vs. Vader: Exploring the Light & Dark Sides of Indo-European

Cesar Chavez Celebration Day

National Conference on Undergraduate Research

Patterns of Inequality and Latin American Support for Redistribution

Guest Lecture by Dr. Santa Arias, University of Kansas

The Power of Babel: and Why We Can't Fight it in Our Own Language

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Workshop on Creole Complexity

Analysis and PDE Seminar

For the Turtle's Sake: Miracles, the third sector and hegemony in the coast of Oaxaca

Documentary: Visa al Paraíso: Gilberto Bosques en Francia (1939-1944)

Analysis and PDE Seminar

How Mexican Axolotls Promote Science, Conservation, and Creativity

Dramatic Presentation -"Las Voces de los Apalaches"

Mexico on the Digital Frontier: Creating Access in Archives and Libraries

Indian Arts & the Politics of Culture in Central Mexico

Doctoral Defense of Carlos Zamora-Zapata

Latin American Populism: Between Authoritarianism and Democratization

Guest Lecture by Dr. Alejandro Palma Castro

Comala: Opera Concert

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Close the U.S. Military's School of the Americas: 2013 Tour

Calaveras Literarias Reading Event

Craft Writing: Beer, the Digital, and Craft Culture

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Imperial Intentions and Frontier Realities: Provincial Politics in the Aztec Empire

Songs of Mexico: Recital on works by María Grever, Tata Nacho, and Agustín Lara

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Analysis and PDE Seminar

I Live I See: The Poetry of Vsevolod Nekrasov

SLEEP DEALER Film Screening and Q&A with Director Alex Rivera

Engineering the Border: Imagining America

Printing Workshop - The King Library Press

Taller Martin Pescador: A Private Press in Mexico

Signs of the Times: Text and Image in Classic Maya Civilization

Deborah Nichols (Dartmouth College) "When Money Grew on Trees: Aztec Markets, Merchants, and Commerce"

Monica Diaz "Indias no tan nobles." Native Petitions and the Rhetoric of Purity in Colonial Mexico

Como Agua Para Chocolate

Dr. Lorenzo Meyer Politics in Mexico Today (A&S 100 Course)

Drug War talk by anthropologist Howard Campbell (A&S 100 Course)

A&S 100 - Special Course: Viva Mexico! A Century of War & Peace

Lecture on Soldaderas in Mexican Literature (Wired Course)

Cultural Heritage & Tourism Panel (A&S 100 class)

Mexican Revolution Day Film - "The Storm that Swept Mexico"

Day of Dead Ballet

Day of the Dead Festival

Altar Building Workshop

Day of Dead Slide Presentation

International Film Series - Mexico

Dissertation Defense of Lynn Celdran

Dissertation Defense of Silvia Roig Martinez

Invisible War--Documentary

Dissertation Defense of Ruth Brown

The Best of Both Worlds: Blended Learning in the Language Classroom

The Best of Both Worlds: Blended Learning in the Language Classroom”

A Geography of Small Spaces

Table, Map and Text: Writing in France circa 1600

Derek Gregory, University of British Columbia: “Gabriel's War: Cartography and the Changing Art of War "

Language Contact in the Guaranitic Area - Honors Thesis Presentation

UK Linguistics Club Event - Tolkien's Imaginary Languages

Janet Stamatel Lecture, “Democracy, Crime, & Punishment in Central Eastern Europe”

“b-Mail: Everyday Communication on Birch bark in Medieval Russia”

"Energy Politics in Russia"

"Human Trafficking in the former USSR"

Year of Russia's Realms Animated Film Festival

“Human Trafficking in Eurasia”

“Interpersonal violence in post-Soviet Russia: Socioeconomic change, political change, and alcohol.”

Year of Russia's Realms Animated Film Festival

The Politics of Latin American Migration

Hispanic and Latin Heritage Campus Celebration

Sin Pais (Without Country) "Documentary and Dialogue"

Latin/Hispanic Student and Faculty Mixer

Music from Latin America

Talk on Mayan Languages

(De)Constructing an Icon: Fidel Castro and Revolutionary Masculinity - Dissertation Defense of Krissie Butler

Literary Africa: Spanish Reflections of Morocco, Western Sahara, and Equatorial Guinea in the Contemporary Novel, 1990-2010 - Dissertation Defense of Mahan L. Ellison

Specters of the Unspeakable: The Rhetoric of Torture in Guatemalan Literature, 1975-1985 - Dissertation Defense of Wm. Jarrod Brown

Toward an Urban Cultural Studies: Henri Lefebvre, Space and Cultural Production

CFP: Networked Humanities: From Within and Without the University

Enchantment and Its Discontents: Representing The Island In Text And Tableau

Kentucky Foreign Language Conference

Challenge to the Production of Indigenous Knowledge

GWS Research Matters Series: Melissa Stein "Bodies of Knowledge: Historical Perspectives on Race, Gender, and Biological Determinism""

Kathleen Fitzpatrick

The Cervantes Theater in Alcala de Henares (1601-1971). The Spanish Contribution to the Origins of the Modern European Playhouse Design

Dissertation Defense of M. Elena Aldea Agudo

GWS Queens Lecture Series: Rusty Barrett, "Sickening Queens: Ethnic and Class Difference in Drag"

Dissertation Defense of Jeffrey Zamostny

Linguistics Program Faculty Speaker Series featuring Stayc DuBravac

Linguistics Program Faculty Speaker Series: Haralambos Symeonidis

Lecture: "Estado Plurinacional Derechos Afrodescendientes y Desigualdad Racial en Ecuador"

CHINA Town Hall: Local Connections, National Reflections

First Friday Panel Discussion - Does Culture Matter in Sustainable Agriculture

Ned Stuckey-French to give lecture "Baldwin, Didion, Digitization, and the Future"

Film: Señoritas Extraviadas

“The Disappeared Señoritas of Ciudad Juárez”

Celebration of Faculty Excellence Reception

The Mythology of the Doudou: Sexualizing Black Female Bodies, Constructing Culture and Nation in the French Caribbean.

Tribute Concert to Federico Garcia Lorca

Panel on Immigration Issues Today

A Journey Through Colombia

Concierto Musical Latinoamericano

First Day of Fall Semester

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