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Office Hours with Peter Berres and Stan Brunn

Our latest Office Hours episode brings you a new host along with a hot topic -- Cuba!

UK Axolotl Symposium: Get to Know This Strange Salamander
Day long symposium about Axolotls.
The Evolving Definitions of Femicide: Cristina Alcalde
Earlier this year, the Catholic University of Peru selected Associate Professor Cristina Alcalde of the Department of Gender & Women's Studies to be one of six international visiting professors and scholars.
Alcalde spent her time at the university teaching a graduate seminar on femicide and violence against women.
Mapping Linguistic Diversity: Benjamin Kinsella and Haralambos Symeonidis

How many languages do you speak? Benjamin Kinsella is fluent in English, speaks Spanish, and now also knows touch of Guaraní.

UK to Host 65th Annual Kentucky Foreign Language Conference
The conference, an internationally esteemed colloquium for scholars of language, literature and culture, begins Thursday, April 19, across the UK campus.
Dissertation Defense of M. Elena Aldea Agudo jlbeam4

The Department of Hispanic Studies is announcing the dissertation defense of M. Elena Aldea Agudo on Friday, March 2, 11AM-1PM in 1145 Patterson Office Tower.  The title of her dissertation is: Retóricas del Imperio: El Discurso Falangista en Torno a la Guerra (1939-1943).

Download the flyer here.

1145 POT

Introducción al Departamento de Estudios Hispánicos / Introduction to the Department of Hispanic Studies: Alan Brown

Alan Brown is a Spanish professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Hispanic Studies. In this podcast, Professor Brown discusses his new position in the department, his current research, and opportunities for students to connect to the community through the Department of Hispanic Studies.

Meet Carmen Moreno-Nuño: New Faculty 2011

At the beginning of the Fall 2011 semester, we met with all of the new faculty hires in the College of Arts and Sciences. This series of podcasts introduces them and their research interests. Carmen Moreno-Nuño is an associate professor in the Department of Hispanic Studies and looks at the cultural representation of historical memory. In particular, she focuses on how the Spanish Civil War is portrayed and discussed in literature and cinema. Currently, she is collaborating with other researchers on an edited volume regarding the representation of the guerilla during Spain's period of dictatorship under Fransisco Franco.
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