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Where Can Hispanic Studies Take Me?

The Spanish Major: Your Passport to Success

The department of Hispanic Studies aims to develop the student’s language skills, provide an understanding of the cultures and literatures of the Spanish-speaking world and enhance the student’s career opportunities in a multicultural society. Proficiency in another language is becoming imperative for success in a global economy, no matter what field a student chooses to pursue after graduation. The department offers a major and a minor in Spanish.

Students interested in Spanish may also pursue a degree in International Studies – through the foreign language and international economics (FLIE) track. The FLIE program builds the foundation for a career in international business, international law, foreign relations and diplomacy. For more information about the FLIE-Spanish program visit

What skills does studying Spanish develop?
- capability to investigate Hispanic history, literature and cultures
- Spanish language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing
- bilingual and bicultural competence
- ability to integrate the study of a world language and its diverse cultures in today’s society
Graduate education requirements

Undergraduate education requirements

Career Opportunities

The Spanish major prepares students for a variety of professional opportunities in the United States and abroad. Students may pursue careers in education, government, law, social services, health care, tourism, publishing and non-profit organizations. Spanish majors may also continue their education with an advanced degree in area studies, business or law.  Occupations include but are not limited to the following:

- sales and marketing
- international relations
- business management
- bilingual educator
- speech pathologist
- publishing specialist
- political analyst
- foreign news correspondent
- customs/immigration officer
- translator
- law enforcement
- research analyst
- import/export specialist
- university administrator
- tourism and travel
- libraries
- government administrator
- bilingual tax assessor
- medical interpreter
- museum or art gallery director
- refugee/immigrant assistance

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For more information about career opportunities, contact the UK Career Center.