The Committee on Social Theory Presents: Dr. Peter Temin

"Lessons of the Great Depression" Dr. Peter Temin of MIT discusses market failures, famine, and crisis.


Sociolology Lecture Series: Kenneth J. Sanchagrin, "Pipes and Prisms: Social Networks and the Law"

PIPES AND PRISMS: Social Networks and the Law

Kenneth J. Sanchagrin, JD MA PhD Candidate (ABD) Department of Sociology University of Kentucky

September 23, 2013


A&S Offers Mid-Semester Classes

For students who may have recently dropped a class or hope to pick up some extra credit hours, these courses provide flexibility after the regular registration period.

The Nature Experiment

The Nature Experiment explores the connection between humans, the natural world, and our reliance upon technology. The idea for this experiment was sparked by our reading of the Richard Louv book, Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder. The book explores society's disconnection from the natural world and the things children and families collectively lose as a result.

Mountains of Empowerment

Shoulder to Shoulder Global: an interview with Craig Borie and Vanessa Martinez

For ten years, Shoulder to Shoulder Global has been serving impoverished communities in and near Santo Domingo, Ecuador. In 2002, Shoulder to Shoulder Global went on its first trip to help people in need of medical care. Groups of students, healthcare professionals, faculty and volunteers have been visiting multiple times a year ever since. Though the group’s goal is to provide healthcare, any interested student or community member can participate. 

This podcast features Craig Borie, the program coordinator for Shoulder to Shoulder Global, and Vanessa Martinez, a sociology & spanish major, and their insights and reflections on Shoulder to Shoulder. The group visits Ecuador three times annually, and STS is always accepting applications. Download the 2013 application here.

This podcast was produced by Cheyenne Hohman.



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SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology with Christy Freadreacea

Introduction to the concepts and methods of sociology. Topics shall include socialization; group processes, social inequalities; social institutions; and social change. This course or its equivalent (RSO 102) serves as a prerequisite to all other Sociology courses. Students may not receive credit for both this course and RSO 102.

'Global Classroom' Increases Student Opportunities for International Experience

As university graduates increasingly require international perspectives, skills and knowledge, UK is using a new program called Global Classroom Connections that allows students to use new technologies to gain international experiences independent of financial or other constraints.

SOC 360: Environmental Sociology with John Johnson

A sociological study of the emergence of the environment as a social issue in contemporary societies. Topics may include the social, cultural and economic factors associated with the perception of environmental issues; risk perception; and the mobilization of publics around environmental issues.


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