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Student Quotes

The department of Hispanic Studies aims to develop the students’ language skills, to provide an understanding of the cultures and literatures of the Spanish-speaking world and to enhance the students’ career opportunities in a multicultural society. Proficiency in another language is becoming imperative for success in a global economy, no matter what field a student may choose to pursue after graduation. The FLIE program prepares students for participation in internships and exchange programs and builds foundation for a future career in international business, or degrees in international law, a master’s degree in international businessor the Patterson School of International Diplomacy. This is what some of our undergraduate students have to say:

Ann Key - On the way to medical school I found that being a Spanish major helped me reach out to patients that otherwise would find difficulty expressing themselves to medical personnel. Not only did it award me with a profound sense of personal and emotional accomplishment along the way, but it provided further access to the world of medicine in more and better places than what I would have found without it. I am currently a Medical Translator and New Donor Coordinator with the medical office of a plasma donation center.

Elizabeth Morales My Spanish major allowed me to help Spanish-speaking individuals in the United States by providing me with necessary skills. Using my Spanish skills, I have been able to help not only Spanish-speakers, but also Portuguese-speakers, make their purchases more comfortably, speaking in their own language. I currently work at Tempur-Pedic North Inc. as a Bilingual Sales Consultant.

Michelle Seivers - A Spanish major doesn't mean just learning another language, it means learning all aspects of the history and culture tied to that language. I would like to study international human rights law, and a Spanish major gives me the skills needed for pursuing that work in Latin America. My degree in Spanish has opened up so many more opportunities than if I hadn't studied a second language. I use Spanish everyday - whether it is for translating articles on current legislation, for providing individual immigrants referrals for attorneys, or while dancing salsa!

Megan Haupert - Thanks the Hispanic Studies Program at the University of Kentucky I have enriched my life both personally and professionally. I gained linguistic and cultural knowledge that have allowed me to participate in the local Hispanic community and choose a career path. (Haupert is a Graduate Student in Public Administration, Eastern Kentucky University.)