Tutors & Translators

La mesa del español

FREE tutoring and conversation practice in Spanish

Spring 2022: La mesa will be Wednesday's from 5:00 to 6:00PM in CB 349.


Individual tutors and translators: Below is a list of graduate students and others who are available for one on one tutoring or written translation work. Please contact those you would like to work with individually to discuss availability and rates. Each person sets their own rates for translations and tutoring.  Rates for tutoring average between $25 and $40 per hour.  Please Note: Tutors and Translators are freelance personnel.  Any work agreed upon by you and the tutor/translator is a personal contract and has no connection to the Department of Hispanic Studies or the University of Kentucky.

Sandra Nava Nieto sandra.nava.nieto@uky.edu  
David Cortes dcortesferr@uky.edu  
Jesus Ponte Bernal


Ana Alvarez ana.alvarezguillen@uky.edu  
Daniel Batten daniel.batten@uky.edu  
Paula Ruiz paula.ruiz@uky.edu  
Meimalin Rivas meimalin.rivas@uky.edu  
Rebeca Ponce Ochoa rpo231@uky.edu 334-444-4130