Undegraduate Course Information - Spring 2022


SPA 529 From Enlightenment to Romanticism in Spain

Dr. Ana Rueda

T 1-3:30PM

Course Description

This course focuses on key works of literature, performing and visual arts produced in Spain between mid-eighteenth century and mid-nineteenth century. The Enlightenment centered on rationality, as we know, but also on sensations, taste, and feelings. In parallel fashion, Goya’s Capricho 43 warns that ´The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters´, which points to the dark side of the Enlightenment. This shift to emotions and irrationality, quite radical at the time, triggers conflicts and tensions over definitions of gender, class, and nation as Spain attempts to define itself against French cultural and political dominance. We will begin the journey with Cadalso’s delightful critique of social manners, Cartas marruecas, and end with Zorrilla’s Romantic play Don Juan Tenorio, as we trace the revolution in manners and social affections that Spain undergoes in its development from Neoclassicism to Romanticism through a variety of artistic works. The broad parameters of the course invite us to redefine to what extent eighteenth-century sensibility grounds Romanticism.

The course is conducted in Spanish.

All course materials will be placed on Canvas.

Prereq.for undergraduates: SPA 400 or permission of instructor.

Students’ responsibilities include attendance, participation in class discussions,

short assignments, a presentation and a final paper.

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