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Sigma Delta Pi

Sigma Delta Pi: National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society

The Sigma Delta Pi society (SDP) is composed of undergraduate and graduate students who are interested in furthering their knowledge of the Hispanic language and cultures, and who meet the academic criteria specified below. The University of Kentucky has been a member of this national society since 1969, and continues to initiate new members each Spring using the traditional initiation ceremony.

In addition, SDP will sponsor many cultural events throughout the academic year. Members of the Honor Society will also be invited to departmental receptions for speakers, cultural events, and other activities which might be suggested by the members.

The national honor society also offers various scholarships and benefits to its members, and UK students are encouraged to take advantage of these opportunities.

The annual initiation of members into SDP usually takes place in April. Interested students must meet eligibility requirements (see below) and MUST participate in the initiation ceremony in order to become an active member. Pins and certificates are distributed, and there is usually a special guest presentation.
The initial membership fee includes a lifetime membership in SDP, a certificate and official lapel pin, and participation in all SDP-sponsored activities. Interested candidates should contact:

Dr. Georgie Medina
Lecturer of Spanish
Department of Hispanic Studies
1139 Patterson Office Tower
Lexington, KY 40506
Office Phone: 859-257-7097

Application for Membership

Academic Criteria

1. Completion of at least 18 semester credit hours in Spanish at the college level, or the equivalent thereof.

2. An overall grade point average of 3.2 or greater in all courses at the college level, consisting of at least three semesters of class work.

3. A grade point average of 3.00 (or B) in all Spanish courses at the college level.

4. At least one semester of a literature or culture class at the 300 level. (A student may be admitted to active membership while still enrolled in this course if all requirements have been met and if the instructor of the course certifies that the student’s work is of A or B quality.)

5. Graduate students admitted to a degree granting program may be elected to membership upon completion of two graduate courses in Spanish with an average which, if continued, will make them eligible for a graduate degree.

6. Sigma Delta Pi does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, age, or disability.


SDP-sponsored events:

Tertulia: an opportunity for undergraduate Spanish students to meet in a casual, non-classroom setting to talk in Spanish (supervised by Spanish TAs). Tertulia usually takes place on various Friday afternoons throughout the semester. Schedules are handed out to SPA 101-202 students during the semester. Please contact your TA, or the Chapter President further information.


Hecho en Casa: an opportunity for Spanish students to showcase their own creative work, from poetry to music. This event usually takes place in April.

Link to SDP's national site