Graduate Courses - Fall 2020


SPA 703: Seminar in SLA Theory in Spanish L2 Learning

Dr. Alan V. Brown

This course will offer students a survey of the primary concepts and phenomena that relate to the study of Second Language Acquisition (SLA) with a particular focus on the acquisition of the Spanish language, primarily by Anglophone learners. This course will provide a cursory look at a number of fundamental issues that reside at the heart of this interdisciplinary and multi-faceted field of inquiry, such as the relationship between first (L1) and second (L2) language acquisition, the validity of generativist, cognitive, and socio-cultural theories of SLA, the impact of instruction on SLA, the notion of interlanguage, the role of individual learner variables, and the need for input, interaction, and output. While considering these general concepts, the course will focus on specific L2 acquisition issues related to the Spanish language, e.g., tense/aspect, mood, clitics, etc. Although the course does not focus on pedagogy, some reference will be made to the practical application of SLA theories and how they may influence L2 Spanish classroom teaching, particularly during the discussion of instructed SLA. In spite of its extremely complex and dynamic nature, the study of SLA attempts to explain a fascinating phenomenon that takes place every day across the planet and serves to connect humans of all races, ethnicities, social classes, and nationalities.


SPA 770: Introduction to Hispanic Studies

Dr. Moisés R. Castillo 

This three-credit course is designed to give new and continuing M.A. and Ph.D. students an overview of and introduction to graduate studies and to the profession of Hispanism. The classes will consist of a series of presentations, discussions and critiques of sample materials as well as guest visits from other faculty from the Department of Hispanic Studies, HIGSA, and staff from Young Library. Sessions will deal with the demands and expectations of graduate study and major issues confronting higher education in this country. The course will introduce students to the types of activities they will undertake as researchers and will familiarize them with current research methods, trends and opportunities. We will examine how to undertake research, how to document that research properly and how to present it in the form of an abstract, a written paper, a review, an annotated bibliography, and a grant application. We will also work on how to organize and write a CV, when and how to present a paper at a conference, a guest speaker, and ways of presenting professional findings in the format of a round table discussion in front of a group of colleagues.

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