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Fabrício Silva


Master's degree in Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics from Indiana State University in 2010. Ph.D. Studies at the University of Kentucky from 2012 to present.


Latin American literature and culture including its social movements. As a focus of my research,  I am working on a comparative study between the literary and cultural productions in Brazil, Argentina and Chile under and after their military dictatorships in the 60s and 80s. Also, discussing which influence those military regimes had on those literary productions during and after the regimes.

I believe a research work toward this topic would help to create an approximation of Brazilian and Spanish American literature through a historical common point” the military regimes”. Also, would explore a new slope not yet fully discussed by researchers interested in Spanish American and Brazilian literature comparative studies.

Other Research Interests:

The mechanisms of oppression in democracy: the discourse of power in Foucault.

Dictatorial power in Latin American Narrative: An analysis of the manifestations of power and its concequences in the South American continent.

 Brazilian and Mexican Social movements: Cangaço, Canudos and Mexican Revolution.

 Bilingualism and its cognitive benefits.
 Raising Bilingual children the Mytth of  "Language delay".