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The Department of Hispanic Studies at UK has an established program that provides professional language services to the community and to the state of Kentucky. At the same time, the program provides our students opportunities for professional development while earning extra income. Further, as a non-profit operation, a portion of the revenues is used to help sponsor graduate student attendance at regional and national conferences where they present academic papers.


Graduate students in Hispanic Studies do all translations, design the pedagogical materials for the workshops, and serve as simultaneous translators, instructors or facilitators in bilingual settings. A faculty member in Hispanic Studies supervises their work to ensure the quality of the services rendered. Technological infrastructure and expertise is provided in-house through our Tech Atelier in Patterson Office Tower.


Our language services include:


  • translation of written texts, including brochures, reports, documents, presentations, PowerPoints etc.
  • transcription & translation of audio and video materials
  • translation & recording of scripts forSpanish-language broadcasting
  • translation & recording of Spanish-language voice-overs and editing (recording, timing to original voices, cutting together, matching sound track to video) to create a finished Spanish-language video
  • translation and replacement of English in-video slides/graphics with Spanish equivalents
  • simultaneous interpretation


  • workshops customized to your business needs and designed to teach basic Spanish to communicate with the growing Hispanic population in this area and to expand your knowledge of Hispanic cultures


  • Translation from text: 8 ½ x 11, double-spaced…………….. $50.00/page
  • Voice-over recording session, one speaker………………....$45.00/hour
  • Editing: timing of original voices, cutting together,preparing final video                                                           (matching sound track to video).......................................    $30.00/man-hour
  • Simultaneous/consecutive interpretation ............................$100.00/hour


Please describe your business needs to us so that we may quote you a price. Prices vary according to several factors such as the need for specialized or technical language, formatting, the use of technologies listed above, or the urgency with which the job is needed.

Contact information: Department of Hispanic Studies

                                     1153 Patterson Office Tower

                                     Ph.: 859.257.1565; Fax: 859.323.9077

 Mr. Brent Sebastian. Email:



Every fall semester graduate students attend an interrelated series of workshops designed by our faculty to prepare our candidates going on the job market. A number of different faculty members each year help with CV writing, application materials, and the MLA practice interviews.



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