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NOTE: Due to campus closure this summer, placement exams are not available.  If you have not taken any Spanish courses at the college level but you have received previous formal training (high school), please email Brent Sebastian at Brent.Sebastian@UKY.EDU regarding placement.



Placement Test

Placement tests are taken by students who have not fulfilled the four-semester language requirement but may be more advanced than SPA 101. Based on the mark they achieve in this placement exam, students are placed in the appropriate class (either SPA 101, SPA 103 or SPA 203). No credits are given for classes skipped. The placement tests will take between 20 and 60 minutes, depending on the student's level of proficiency. The test is administered at the Department of Hispanic Studies; in order to take the placement test students will need to make an appointment with the Department's Administrative Assistant (859-257-1565).

Students of Spanish or Spanish-American nationality who completed their secondary education in Spanish-speaking country and whose native language is Spanish may request to have this course requirement waived. In this case, you will need to contact the Arts and Sciences Advising Center, Patterson Office Tower #311, Phone 859-257-8712.

In the case of bilingual U.S. citizens of Hispanic origin who request to have the four-semester language requirement waived, the decision of proficiency will be made by the department, and will normally consist of an oral exam, a written exam and/or the placement exam, as deemed necessary. Students requesting an examination to waive the four-semester language requirement must first apply in writing to the departmental chair.

Students may also take the CLEP test which is administered by Midway College (inquiries phone # 859-846-5318). This exam may not be taken by foreign students in their native language (i.e. Spaniards and Spanish-Americans cannot take the Spanish language exam). It is normally intended for U.S. citizens not of Hispanic origin. This test gives credit for courses to SPA 202 depending on test score. For information on CLEP exams in general, visit the College Board Web Site at :

For more information on other Special Academic Programs, such as the Advanced Placement Program (AP) please review the UK Bulletin:


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