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FLIE French

FLIE/French is an interdisciplinary major which prepares our graduates to become bilingual/bicultural or multilingual/multicultural professionals trained to interact, live, work and travel across borders.  Well prepared to become global citizens of the 21st century and make a difference in today’s world, our graduates pursue careers in International Business, International law, Diplomatic Corps, Non-profit organizations, Foreign and Public Service, Tourism, National security, Publishing, Translation, Journalism, and private business. For more information, contact Professor Sadia Zoubir-Shaw at or (859) 257-5729, Patterson Office Tower 1023.

French Language Curriculum for FLIE Majors

FR 204: Introduction to French and Francophone Studies (prereq FR 202) (3)
FR 214: France Today (prereq FR 202) (3) or FR 215: Visual Cultures (prereq FR 202) (3
FR 307: French for Business and Economics (3)


Twelve hours from the following courses (prereq FR 204 for all 300-level courses):

  • FR 310: French Phonetics (3)
  • FR 311: Introduction to French Linguistics (3)
  • FR 324: Studies in French Literature (Subtitle required) (3)
  • FR 325: Le cinéma français (Subtitle required) (3)
  • FR 344: The Literary Text (Subtitle required) (3)
  • FR 350: Francophone Cultures (Subtitle required) (3)
  • FR 410: French in Performance (3)    
  • FR 425: Media Studies (3) (Prereq for FR 410 and 425: completion of 6 hrs of 300-level or above French coursework) 
  • FR 470G: Topical Seminar I (Subtitle required) (3)
  • FR 471G: Topical Seminar II (Subtitle required) (3) (Prereq for FR 470G and 471G: completion of 9 hrs of 300-level or above French coursework)

Career Opportunities

Recent graduates have successfully joined the work force in a variety or companies as employees, partners, or business owners. Such companies and businesses include:
  • Open Society Institute 
    The network of Open Society Foundations (OSF) is a grant-making operation aimed to shape public policy to promote democratic governance, human rights, and economic, legal, and social reform. On a local level, OSF implements a range of initiatives to support the rule of law, education, public health, and independent media. OSF also works to build alliances across borders and continents on issues such as combating corruption and rights abuses.
  • MorphoTrust USA, Inc.
    MorphoTrust USA, Inc. is the leading U.S. provider of identity solutions designed to simplify, protect, and secure the lives of the American people.
  • Wine + Market Downtown Lexington's Premier Boutique Wine Shop
    Renée Saunier Brewer: Wine and dine