Evolution and Creationism in Kentucky

09/13/2017 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Jacobs Science Building 121
Speaker(s) / Presenter(s): 
Dr. Eugenie Scott

A public lecture by Dr. Eugenie Scott, followed by a discussion.  Dr. Eugenie C. Scott is the former Executive Director of the National Center for Science Education, Inc.  She is an internationally-known expert on the creationism and evolution controversy and science denialism, and is called upon by the press and other media to explain science to the general public.  The author of Evolution vs Creationism: An Introduction and co-editor with Glenn Branch of Not in Our Classroom: Why Intelligent Design is Wrong for our Schools, she is the recipient of numerous awards from scientists and educators, and has been awarded nine honorary degrees. 

Abstract/summary:  In the 1920s, many states considered passage of antievolution laws.  Tennessee's famous 1925 Scopes Trial is the best known of these, but such legislation actually first was proposed in Kentucky.  However, Kentucky scientists vigorously protested such laws, and the legislature backed down.  Antievolutionism in Kentucky did not go away after the Scopes Trial, of course, and has manifested itself in many ways.  In 1980-81, the Fayette County Public Schools Board of Education was approached by a citizens group promoting the teaching of creation science; the protracted struggle over what should be taught presaged battles to take place in communities all over the nation regarding state department of education policies, and the recent appearance of recreational facilities promoting creationism.