Elem Span I (Spoken App)

Elem Span I (Spoken App)

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This course is designed to introduce basic modes of communication in Spanish. The emphasis is on everyday language which the students will learn by applying essential grammatical structures to vocabulary. Both listening and reading comprehension are stressed. The textbook provides instructional assignments and self-correctional exercises. Not open to students who have credit for SPI 141.


Spring 2022
Section Credits Room Instructor Syllabus
SPA 101-001 4.0 Rm.240, TBD
SPA 101-002 4.0 Rm.342, TBD
SPA 101-003 4.0 Rm.212, TBD
SPA 101-004 4.0 Rm.B4, TBD
SPA 101-005 4.0 Rm.337, TBD
SPA 101-006 4.0 Rm.337, TBD
SPA 101-201 4.0 TBD
SPA 101-401 4.0 Rm.311, TBD
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